How much to rent a limo for Prom in Houston, TX?

Houston Prom Limo Rates

  • ? Houston Prom Limousine Rentals

  • 汽车 容量 Rate 最低要求
    轿车 3人座城市用车出租 Houston Prom Limo Rates $75 per hour 6 hours minimum
    豪华 出租3辆奔驰轿车 Mercedes Benz rental 每小时$125 6 hours minimum
    6人SUV SUV租赁中有6位乘客 7 passenger SUV for hire $100 per hour 6 hours minimum
    8客车 8 passenger limo hourly rental 豪华轿车出租 每小时$125 8 hours minimum
    10人豪华轿车 10名乘客豪华轿车出租 limo for rent $150 per hour 8 hours minimum
    14客车 16 passenger limo Houston hourly rental Houston limousine for hire $200 per hour 8 hours minimum
    16乘客豪华轿车 16 passenger limo Houston hourly rental Houston limousine for hire $210 per hour 8 hours minimum
    18客车 18 passenger Houston limo rental Houston limousine for hire 每小时$225 8 hours minimum
    20人豪华轿车 20 passenger limo in Houston limousine for rent in Houston hourly $250 per hour 8 hours minimum
    20乘客聚会巴士 20 passenger Party Houston Limo Bus hourly Rate $275 per hour 8 hours minimum
    24乘客聚会巴士 24 passenger Party Limo Bus in Houston hourly for hire $300 per hour 8 hours minimum
    28客车 28 passenger Party Bus hourly Rate Houston $325 per hour 8 hours minimum
    32客车 32 passenger Houston Party Bus for hire hourly $350 per hour 8 hours minimum
    36客车 36 passenger Party Limo Bus hourly Rental in Houston, TX $375 per hour 8 hours minimum


    (*) Rates are subject to change during special events and do not include gratuity, tolls and optional fees.

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