Credit Card Details Form

Reservation Details

Credit Card Details

Being the authorized cardholder or the Corporate Officer, by signing above I understand and agree to the terms set forth in this agreement, agree to pay, and specifically authorize to charge my credit card for the services provided. I further agree that in the event my credit card becomes invalid, I will provide a new valid credit card upon request, to be charged for the payment of any outstanding balances owed.

WWLIMO Account

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Terms & Conditions


Payments:   WWLIMO LLC accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.


All trips will be charged in full in order to confirm the reservation and hold the vehicle. Vehicles will not be dispatched for service if funds are not available.


We will attempt to contact you in the event your transaction is declined so that alternate payment may be arranged and your service will continue as contracted.

    Any remaining balance due to overtime or damage to the vehicle will be charged after the service.




All requests to cancel an existing reservation MUST be submitted via email to


Voicemails or Phone Calls requesting a cancellation or modification will not be considered proper notification.


Cancellation Timetable: Cancellations must be done 72 hours prior to the service time to avoid being charged.


A charge of 50% of the total will be applied if a cancellation is made within 72 hours of the reservation and 100% of the total will be due if a cancellation is made within 48 hours before the scheduled pick up time.


No Show: In the event that the Driver arrives on-site and the Passenger does not show, the full fare is charged without a refund. Our Driver will wait no less than 15 minutes and will make repeated attempts to contact the Passenger, in the event they cannot be located.


II. If the passenger fails to be at the designated pickup location (no-show). If for any reason you cannot locate your chauffeur, please contact us. To avoid being billed as a no-show, do not leave your location without contacting us by phone.


Smoking / Food: No smoking/vaping or food of any kind is allowed in the vehicles. Any damages from smoking or food will be charged a $300.00 cleaning fee to the client that signs this agreement on the credit card we have on file once it has been evaluated and documented by management after your reservation. In the event of smoking or food, the chauffeur reserves the right to cancel the run with no refund.




WWLIMO LLC shall not be held liable for circumstances beyond our control, such as weather, road and traffic conditions, or mechanical breakdowns.


* Note: Warm/Hot weather days may affect the cooling ability of the vehicle in which WWLIMO LLC is not responsible for. In the event that the rented vehicle suffers or sustains a mechanical problem, we may provide a vehicle of similar kind and quality at our discretion. This replacement will satisfy WWLIMO LLC responsibility under this contract.


~ Any damages to the interior and/or exterior of the vehicle, will be the responsibility of the client who signs this agreement. If there is any items/property belonging to WWLIMO LLC damaged/removed by any passenger, it will be the responsibility of the client to pay for the repairs to the satisfaction of WWLIMO LLC. There is an additional charge of $300.00 for cleaning the vehicle, if a person becomes sick or if there is any damage or excessive cleaning from any passenger, it will be the responsibility of the client to pay for the repairs to the satisfaction of WWLIMO LLC, depending on the severity of the damage. Damage costs will be determined by WWLIMO LLC after appropriate professional quotes are obtained.


~ WWLIMO LLC assumes no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any damages, personal injuries, or physical harm incurred as a result of getting in/out of the vehicles, inappropriate behavior within the vehicles by the client and/or guests


~ WWLIMO LLC assumes no responsibility and shall not be held liable for lost or damaged personal belongings and/or items left in the vehicles by the client and/or guests


By signing this contract and terms & conditions, I have read, understand and accepted all the above terms and conditions. I understand that all charges will be charged to me as I am the Credit Card Holder and herewith authorize this transaction, as I am responsible for this reservation and my party.


I hereby authorize WWLIMO to charge the balance currently due on my account. After the service is performed and the trips are settled, account balances will automatically be charged to the card on file.